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Mit der neue Funktionen "Wunschliste" können Sie Listen erstellen, wo Sie Artikel speichern können, die sie immer wieder bestellen. Die Listen bleiben in Ihrer Kundenaccount gespeichert.
Ebenfalls neu ist die Funktion "vergleichen". Damit können Sie 2 oder mehr Artikeln  aus der gleiche Kategorie vergleichen.

Hier haben Sie immer der Nettobetrag Ihrer Einkauf im Blick und können schnell jederzeit zum Warenkorb gelangen.

Für unsere Kunden aus dem Ausland: Unsere Shop ist auch komplett auf Englisch!

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Why did we develop a new shop system?

It became increasingly clear that we had to take the next step in order to meet the growing requirements of online sales and to be able to offer our customers the best possible purchasing platform for their daily tool procurement.

The following points were particularly important to us:

- Clarity
We have designed the shop so that the individual items can be found more quickly. The shop menu is clearly arranged first on the left. In the top bar you always have the shopping cart status in view, as well as the wish lists and comparison lists. On the first page, the newly added articles, the current promotions and the best-selling articles are displayed at a glance.

- Ease of use
We have introduced wish lists in the customer area. There you can conveniently save articles that you order frequently or that you want to keep track of at a later point in time. The top menu bar automatically scrolls when you scroll down the page so that you always have the menu items to hand. The articles now have a quick view function, with which you can view several articles in a category or add them to the shopping cart without having to switch pages. Soon you will be able to order from mobile devices even more conveniently - the Rinaldi-Tools app is coming, for Apple and Android!

- Speed
Time is money! We are well aware of that. That is why we have equipped the shop with many functions (e.g. quick view, 1-click ordering option) so that you can place your orders even faster, easier and more conveniently.

- Detailed product and application information.
We have made our brochure and the catalogs of our trading partners available as PDF downloads. You can also download recommendations for use for various tools and use them as instructions. Under the menu item "Description of the variety" you will find the coding explanation for all of our article names.

As you can see, we have spared no effort so that you can place your tool order as easily and comfortably as possible in the future. - but our shop is continuously being developed! If you have any criticisms or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to let us know: Our top priority is to offer our customers the best shopping platform on the market, which is why we are also very grateful for suggestions from our customers

Das Shop-Menü ist übersichtlich direkt als Erstes an der linken Seite untergebracht. Es ist immer griffbereit und kann Jederzeit auf- oder zugeklappt werden.

Die obere Menüleiste rollt automatisch mit wenn Sie die Seite runterscrollen, sodass Sie die Menüpunkte immer griffbereit haben.

Die Artikel haben jetzt eine Schnellansicht-Funktion, womit Sie mehrere Artikel einer Kategorie anschauen oder in den Warenkorb legen können, ohne die Seite wechseln zu müssen.

Product added to compare.